Tuesday, February 8, 2011

St Peters - Barcelona-South Newtown

A tale of two (private) parties...

Well I wanted to title this (and I could have) 'St Peters Sur Barcelona' but I thought "no thats far too wanky!" Still the whole point of this blog is that it seems that tiny tiny not-clubs, not-bars that host private parties are popping up as kinda pop-up clubs! Now I know that the Mayor of Sydney City has been trying to make Sydney cool like Melbourne (will this Syd-Melbs thing ever stop?) with laneway bars and small bars etc but lets face it the coolest parties of all were and it seems still are the kind of party you have in your own house! Welll at least if you are that sort of cool person who can pull off that sort of party!

Back in the day when Jo was still in power and I was still at art school we used to judge a parties success by the number of police that were sent to shut it down... I think the all time top party I attended was over 10 cars and it was just a tiny party-I think the moral is don't set up a band in the backyard on Thursday night just 5 min from the cop shop.

That was a great party and its nice to see that this policing tradition is alive and well though I must say that the NSW Police service seem much nicer than their QLD counterparts of olden times. Yes both these parties were asked to keep it down but keep on going; well I am not surprised as St Peters, May St or otherwise is pretty damn industrial anyway.

In fact Party One was so like a time warp back to the 80's its was almost possible to believe I had once again slipped through one of those time warp thinggies. It was all 45's on a single 80's turntable, mid 70's Sony Amp looking pretty cool and sounding great. People smoking, drinking... A PARTY! the only giveaway that I had not traveled back in time was the Chilean DJ was not adhering to the 'correct' politics of Pop music. As danceable as all the selections where I keep finding myself thinking, "you can't play that song after that one, thats just not right" again and again!


Party One







Party Two





So last Saturday night I had an awesome time attending one party then crashing another. Everyone was so so nice, the music was great but one of the coolest things of all was that it was all happening in the decidedly uncool toilet-block-of-the-world down St Peters way. Oh the times they are a changin! St Peters now has some Barcelona-Bar-like places... That said, if there are any Real Estate agents reading this, Waterloo & Alexandria are not the Eastern Suburbs. Just sayin !~)

Cheers, see you way down South...
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