Thursday, May 5, 2011

Its a Mans World - Icon Brand - Ox Art Facts

But it wouldn't be nothing; NOTHING without a Woman or a Girl. So sayest The Godfather of Soul Mr James Brown and who am I to disagree!

And while I did not hear the DJs spinning any James Brown at the Oxford Art Factory on Wednesday night, they were quite rightly heavily into the Rolling Stones, who lets face it are something of a Mans Mans kind of a band who have never shied away from acknowledging their debt to The Godfather of Soul himself...

Just one look around the room and I knew it was going to be a MAN post as there were some very stylish gentlemen in attendance and of course a bevy of babes as well...

Icon Brand Launch 2011 Glasses 600aDJ_1647

Icon Brand Launch 2011 V 600_1643

Icon Brand Launch 2011 Beer 600_1650

Icon Brand Launch 2011 Hat & Smile 600Adj_1642

Icon Brand Launch 2011 USA 600_1652

Icon Brand Launch 2011 Curls & Cap 600Adj_1645

Icon Brand Launch 2011 Girl 600Adj_1638

So forget all that girly RAFW-Woo-Ha ; check out a Man's World instead. And should you require more shots you can see them at Life Without Andy here and get your fill of Icon Brand's Man's World here.

Icon Brand HS11 Pieces Of Nowhere Launch..


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