Friday, May 13, 2011

MEGA - Longing To Be.. at China Heights

MEGA - Longing To Be Knotted Together at China Heights Gallery.

MEGA is from out of town and as there was just Nyk, myself, 'Dot' Girl and this guy with a neckerchief pulled over his face AKA a mask; I just knew it had to be the artist. This show fitted in quite well with my current Box-Set-Viewing of classic Spaghetti Westerns & it really was I suppose remiss of me not to ask MEGA around to knock-over a couple of Spag Westerns with me, seeing as how he is a stranger 'round these parts and all that.

MEGA, artists portrait at China Heights Gallery

But of course it would be remiss of YOU if you did not get your buttskie over to China Heights to see his show. And if you are in other parts of Australia and want to find out more about the 'Lost Boys of Bali' and their tribal ways then you are in luck; national show dates can be found here -
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