Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Five Days in Pommery - Champagne Cube Westfield Sydney..

Well I do wish I was spending the next five, Four days at the Westfield, Pommery 'Pop-Up' Champagne Cube! It's here for less than a week so you will need to be quick! And as readers will know from when I attended the Esprit ICON store launch here last December, I remarked how much it was like dropping into that friendly boutique, where-they-know-you and you know them; having a glass of wine or champagne and its all very much a real, and yes I will repeat those words; a friendly and real relationship. Its great to see this collaboration between Westfield and Pommery who for a short time are recreating this fabulous laid-back shopping experience. Actually the very first thing my friend Kat said after arriving was "they should keep this here", and I think I tend to agree. But then it would-not be a Pop-Up would it.

Pommery Champagne Cube Westfield Sydney, Being served with Champagne

Pommery Champagne Cube Westfield Sydney, Guests at the Bar

ommery Champagne Cube Westfield Sydney, Champagne in the Pommery ice bucket, yumm!
All this kind of wonderful is taking place on level 3, the Luxury level of Westfield Sydney; I am not even going to begin to start mentioning the Labels and Brands, its enough to say that as an art student and aspiring fashion photographer 'back in the day' these were the Brands you could only experience overseas! But as an older and hopefully wiser man (and a photographer who just is and no longer aspiring); I also tend to think of wider concerns than that of fashion alone.

So one of the things I really loved about this launch was discovering that Pommery is supporting and collaborating with artists thorough label design for the 'POP' range of champagne, and the next limited edition range has been designed by Australian Aboriginal artist Sarrita King. Street Fashion Sydney is proud to have exclusive shots of the designs shown below.

Pommery Champagne Cube Westfield Sydney, Pommery POP Aboriginal Art Limited edition by Sarrita King, Exclusive Picture from Pommery!
Artist Sarrita King, Pommery POP Label, picture EXCLUSIVE!

Pommery Champagne Cube Westfield Sydney, Retro Mirror Ball lights, and crowd listening to the launch speeches.

Becasse Maroons at the Pommery Champagne Cube Westfield Sydney

Kat & I at the Pommery Champagne Cube Launch, Westfield Sydney.
Well I had a great time (so did Kat), the Champers was, yes Divine! And all the while; I was also thinking about Valda's and Andrew's Opera Recital from the night before.. How great it is that we have the Arts, we have Fashion, we have Music, we have Voices, and we have voices like Andrew's and Valda's (who by next week will be two Aussies back singing in Germany) and whom in Pommery we have a commercial voice supporting the Arts. Now thats something I really Love, Love, Love!

Valda Wilson and Andrew Finden after their recital of Opera songs, August 15 2011 at the Paddington Uniting Church Paddington Sydney.

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Westfield Sydney


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Fantastic photos... Did you enjoy yourself???
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