Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shoes on the train - Central to Sydenham

A funny thing happened to me on the way home last night...  I had just spent a happy few hours at the Monster Children No 34 magazine launch (more on that soon) and was looking through the shots on my little G10 when I noticed these two lovely girls sitting opposite me with their 'late night' shopping.
A little conversation was struck up.

"Have you got some new shoes in those bags"?
Girls "yes"
Me "Would you like to show them to me"?
Them "Yes"
Me "Can I take some shots for my little blog Street Fashion Sydney"?
The Girls, "OK"
So here they are, the new shoes from a little Thursday night shopping! I like both pairs; and as you can see from the bag the chunky cork with black leather are from Novo Shoes. I didn't catch the brand of the other pinkish pair but I suspect the owner might make a comment and let us know.

Thanks you girls, I hope you like your shots and your new shoes too!

Cork Chunky heel black leather  Shoe on Citrail Train Street Fashion Sydney Pink Shoe on Citrail Train Street Fashion Sydney

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