Thursday, May 17, 2012

SNO 82 - Marrickville's Best Art? You Decide..

SNO 82 must be one of the loveliest SNO shows I have seen in a while which is a pretty big call as I do love almost everything that SNO does show.  So yes you might say I am more than a little biased on the SNO front. The biggest thrill for me was Ian Andrews work 'Displacements', a contemporary constructivist piece a little like El Lissitzky meets Steve Jobs (and El Lissitzky wins)... Its computer and tiny light installations and books and posts... Much much more than the yellow post I photographed Ian behind. I have only experienced Ian's sound works before, Displacements is a wonderful introduction to this side of his work.  

Alexandra Lawson's terrarium project is a beautiful, changing, ongoing work which extends to an online website documenting its growth. Grace's 'foam' works show a beauty one would not normally associate with the material used and Tarn and Fiona's 'canvases' brought more than colour to the exhibition. SNO 82 is on until the 3rd of June.

SNO 82 Artist Portrait, Grace Dewar
Grace Dewar SNO 82 Artist Portrait, Ian Andrews
Ian Andrews SNO 82 Artist Portrait, Tarn Mclean
Tarn Mclean SNO 82 Artist Portrait, Fiona Morgan
Fiona Morgan SNO 82 Artist Portrait, Alexandra Lawson
Alexandra Lawson
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