Sunday, July 15, 2012

Non Objective Conversations, SNO 84

Another fine show at SNO this time but four artists from Victoria. Magda Cebokli, Louise Blyton, Gordon Monro & Wendy Kelly - curated by Wendy. Beautifully designed and executed works in a restricted grey scale pallete by Magda.  Louise's shaped linen canvases play with shape and form.  Wendy is working a "reductivist abstraction". And Gordon with whom I had quite an animated conversation with is working with his self programmed "Difference Engine" - DNA -"Evolutionary Process"... you just have to get along and take a look for yourself. The code is printed out in beautiful colour on a 100 x 150 cm print on one wall, on the other is the colour pattern produced by the code. There is also 32 minute  video 'Difference Engine: Genetic Crossfades' which is  thoroughly engaging. SNO really seems to be on a role at the moment; not that they have ever not been! The shows on untill the 29th of July.

Artist portrait, Magda Cebokli, SNO 84 Artist portrait, Louise Blyton, SNO 84
Artist Portrait, Wendy Kelly, SNO 84

Artist Portrait, Gordon Monro, SNO 84.

SNO 84 Room shot, Gordon Monro detail left, Wendy Kelly artwork rear wall.

SNO 84 room shot, Magda Cebokli  artworks on wall.

SNO 84 poster

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