Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oxley9 & Factory 49 - Words Colour & Fashion

Youth and style were out in force for the Newell Harry, TV Moore shows at Roslyn Oxely9 Gallery last night. While waiting for my friends to show up I had time to look over the two shows and meditate (if thats the right term) on Newell's text work 'Untitled (More Mumbo Jumbo: Crackpots ‘n’ Poems for Ishmael Reed)' shown below. What did it all mean, those strange lines of broken words? Although I am sure my interpretation is completely wrong I decided it all had something to do with mining magnates and (mistresses/wives) in Australia; some sort of political statement... of course Newell's two page essay in the gallery notes on his stay at the 'Blue Pango' Hotel which lent its name in part to the title of the show, shed next to no light on the situation at all though it was certainly a very entertaining read.

And I have no-idea why there were so many well styled individuals at the show but there they were in droves! I could have gathered material for quite a number of 'Street Fashion' posts; but as it was, I confined my selection four lovely people who kept catching my eye, and leopard print is clearly in with the art student set; watch out its probably about to go large!

Untitled (More Mumbo Jumbo: Crackpots ā€˜nā€™ Poems for Ishmael Reed), Newell Harry, Blue Pango: Musings & Other Anecdotes - Roslyn Oxely 9 gallery Street Fashion, Leopard print jacket and black leather skirt, Roslyn Oxley9 Street Fashion, Brown Biker Jacket, Red Check Shirt, Torn Jeans, Studded black leather bag and paint dripped shoes;  Roslyn Oxley9 Street Fashion, Leather Blouson, asymmetric mint/yellow shirt, black pants bag and converse boots, Roslyn Oxley9
Street Fashion, Student Film-maker, Floral sepia print dress and white beret, Roslyn Oxley9

The scene was somewhat different for Paul Raguenes show at Factory 49 on Wednesday night, blocks of strong colour in aluminium and glass minimalism at its minimal best including the interactive piece 'Colorific Game table, 2012' wood, steel, glass, plastic car paint... All beautifully, seamlessly rendered. I recognised the vintage 6x6 glass slide mounts immediately from my days of shooting the 6x6 film format! And as chance would have it I got to spend time talking with Paul at the Oxley9 show above, which was all very good and well as he jets back to France tonight; thanks for the art and conversation Paul.
Artist portrait, Paul Raguenes at Factory 49 Paul Raguenes at Factory 49, 'Colorific Game table, 2012' wood, steel, glass, plastic car paint.

Minimalism or is it Non Objective art is doing very very well in Marrickville - so well that it seems Cityrail are angling for their own piece of the action with what looks like a very large scale 'work in progress' at Sydenham station. I only wish I could find a great position to get a better shot off; mind you at Cityrail's speed of work this installation piece is likely to remain 'in progress' for some time yet to come.
White hoarding over Sydneham Station 2012 - Installation Art?
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