Thursday, May 16, 2013

As we Head-On into Winter - Photography and Colour Win..

Lets face it, Summer was not that hot this year in more ways than one; so it's nice to see the colours of Summer 'working-it' for a visually more interesting Winter. And if my post-show late-night walk home last night was anything to go by Winter is pretty much upon us. Yes there will still be basics in black, wear them with style of course and you can't go wrong. But add a little colour and you will brighten more than just your own day you will be brightening other peoples worlds as well!

Green Duffel coat, mustard cable knit jumper, jeans and canvas shoes - South American weave jacket and bag with black jeans - colours of Winter.

Colourful print scarf, black tee shirt, purple and blue Adidas backpack.

Vibrant coloursed jacket, black skirt light green tights and dark green suede low cut boots - winter colours.
And while winter is nearly here, the Head On Photo Festival has certainly arrived, it's on right NOW and is going gang busters already. I started my art-week at Danks Street on Wednesday night for the Head-On Add-On show and Michael Cook's 'Hear no.. see no.. speak no..' exhibitions.
Michael Cook, artist portrait at Danks Street Gallery. Photo by Kent Johnson.
Michael Cook, artist portrait at Danks Street Gallery
Thursday night was a look in at James Powditch at Australian Galleries, I do yes I really do love a good bit of industrial constructivism in salvaged Masonite and other industrial timber bits and pieces and colours - Painting and  a Video & some great winter fashion colour crowd at Sarah Cottier - then Floral Portraits by Hugh Stewart at Mick (the gallery), part of the Head on photo festival. And tonight is the festival launch and the Portrait prize, where it all began - see you there!
Hugh Stewart artist portrait at 'Floral Portraits' Mick the gallery.
Hugh Stewart, artist portrait at Mick the gallery
James Powditch art opening at Australian Galleries Paddington.
James Powditch art opening at Australian Galleries Paddington.
Leopard print winter coat.

Khaki fashion-combat jacket with ruffle collar.

Green Aran knit jumper dark jeans and elastic sided boots - Cyan/green denim jacket, Indian elephant print mid riff top with brown jeans and sandals.

Leopard print leggings with black leather low cut boots.

Red pants with black suede shoes. Winter colours.

Street Fashion Sydney is doing it's Head On exhibiting bit too, albeit on a small and humble scale at the Kings Cross library. Showing from now untill the 30th of June.
Portraits of Street Fashion Sydney exhibition 2013 Kings Cross Library.
Portraits of Street Fashion Sydney installation, Kings Cross Library.

Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1.

Telling Stories in Pictures all over Sydney..
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