Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nude Nails on the Train & other style shots from Autumn Nights..

There are always pictures that I take that for one reason or another didn't quite make it into a blog post even though I wish they had. And I do think these pictures deserve a run on Street Fashion Sydney; even if they did not quite fit with the stories on or about the time they were taken. So here they are, from painting your nails on the train, and who doesn't.. to Korean guys with their grocery shopping at Town Hall Woolies to a couple of 'No Publicity' type shots, some blurry shoes and a Camo jacket over a very nice black frock. All night shots too which is rather nice!

Nude nails on the train, iPhone and converse high tops on the seat.

Three Korean guys at Town Hall Woolies with their shopping.

Bags at an art opening; Leather, mesh with contents, studded bag. Sydney Style.

College jacket, chinos and tee shirt with work boots; giving the finger / flipping the bird, grey jeans sloppy joe and canvas sneakers.

Short tight gold and black 'backless' evening dress - Night Clubbing,  Martin Place at night Sydney

Walking at night.

Camouflage jacket over black smock dress and white blouse - QVB at night.

Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1.
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