Friday, October 4, 2013

Noa from X Factor - Adidas & Timberland on the Eastern Suburbs Line..

Well with the Fleet Review and Navies from all around the world making Circular Quay and the harbour foreshore one great big human crush zone.. it was nice to jump into a near empty train heading outbounds and finding myself sitting opposite Noa from The X Factor!!!

Noa from The X Factor on a Cityrail train wearing Adidas pants, Timberland Boots with a denim and leather jacket. Street Fashion Sydney.
Love Noa's urban styling with Timberland boots and the Adidas track pants, love the denim and black leather and the trademark heavy chain.

Noa was also kind enough to give me a heads-up that the video for for his new song Villian is going to Drop this Monday the 7th of October so you might want to head over to his web site to check it out!

Thanks for the shot Noa; I love it and all the best for the new single from Street Fashion Sydney!

Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 

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