Thursday, October 24, 2013

Men's Dressing & Personal Style - Vintage Inspired..

It's always great to see truly unique style and when I spotted this gentleman walking down York Street a couple of days ago I had two thoughts almost simultaneously. Firstly I thought OMG that could be James! And secondly of course; I love that style!!! Or was it all visa versa - doesn't matter. The hair, the pants the umbrella even the stride reminded me of my great friend James who has always been a very stylish dresser and whom I would often see promenading along George Street Sydney.. and who passed on to me a quote that I have never forgotten, "accessories make the Man." So true. Anyway I finally caught up to my new friend and grabbed a few hurried frames in the drizzle; love the large black umbrella, leather satchel and the round heavy spectacle frames. And I love the baggy grey flannels and the red button on the back pocket!

men's fashion, personal style - large black umbrella, Grey flannel trousers, black Tee shirt, leather satchel and the round heavy spectacle frames

Vintage style - grey flannel trousers, leather satchel - men's hair, short back and sides long on top..

And because I try to keep a reasonably tidy archive of my work I was able to dig out some frames from a shoot I did with James at his painting studio in Leichhardt, back-in-the-day. Great vest and I love that Stetson hat James, and rest assured that there is at least one man of Sydney continuing in the art of distinctive and personal men's fashion style!

Black and White, men's fashion, embroidered vest, Stetson hat white cotton shirt - Photo by Kent Johnson.
Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 
James photographed on film with a vintage 6x9 Ensign camera.
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