Sunday, November 10, 2013

Emerging Fashion Design - Kelly by Kelly at Sylvia Chan Paddington.

It would seem that beautiful fashion design runs in the family; Kelly Chan, niece of Sylvia has now launched her eponymous label Kelly (with a heart shaped logo) by Kelly Chan. I dropped by Sylvia's showroom during the William Street Festival a few weeks ago, met with Kelly and had a bit of a chat about her new collection which at the moment is a series of to-die-for tops in beautiful sheer/floaty/patterned fabrics. And I certainly had the feeling that like Sylvia's, Kelly's pieces 'BLACK WHITE' will be more of a one-off nature than mass produced fashion! The best way to see just what 'Kelly' is all about is to drop into the store at 20 William St, Paddington take a look and say Hello!

Kelly Chan with a blouse from her label Kelly - Photographed by Kent Johnson.

Kelly Chan fashion design, tops 'BLACK WHITE' Kelly label.

Sylvia Chan, Shop window display for William Street Festival 2013

Tops on display, Kelly Chan fashion design, tops 'BLACK WHITE' Kelly label.

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Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 

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Unknown said...

Its so great that wonderful writer's & photographers like you support emerging young fashion designers like Kelly Chan. This means a lot to Kelly and guess what, as soon two of her tops was displayed on the current window last weekend, a gorgeous blonde lady also with the same name 'Kelly' placed an order. Both Kelly's are thrilled!