Sunday, November 24, 2013

General Pants - DIY DJing and Insta-Pics; NEW In-Store Kiosks.

Wednesday evening Street Fashion Sydney attended the launch of the new in-store Kiosks at General Pants Co. in Bondi Junction. Fellow Blogger Vivienne (vivalaViv) and I arrived a little later in the evening than we would have really liked and as such missed out on the speeches and demo of the all-new iPad-cluster-Kiosk. This however was no real problem at all as one of the General Pants crew was quick to assist us as soon as we approached the HiTec goodies on the lovely wooden desk. In a nutshell, this is what you get; networked iPads that allow you to grab a selfie of some of the great gear the General Pants stores (GP) have on offer and via that selfie uploaded to the network; get instant (well one hopes) feedback from other users at GP Kiosks all across the land.

Anders, a very lovely crew member at General Pants; In-Store Kiosk Launch

I like this idea and I am going to gloss over the idea that cool in one 'hood' may not be in another but I do think it is a pretty cool idea. You can also email the image you created to your email address at which point in time you can do what you like with it. I found this a pretty strange concept (not being able to instagram or facebook direct from the GP kiosk) as clearly the idea is to have you facebooking and instagraming the HELL out of GP; what you get is an email with your image and a polite request to #hashtag the shots with #instaopinion and #generalpants when you use them. Not being super android savvy I found it impossible to 'grab' the shot from my email until I got onto my laptop, and not before being shanghaied to the GP website by clicking on 'my' picture. Not sure that's quite the right approach guys..

Media checking out the goodies, General Pants In-Store Kiosk Launch
Want to have an impact on the mood of the store while you are there? Don't leave the Kiosk; You can be the DJ, just select your tracks and log them in; even gives you 'how long' till your track will play. Now that is thoughtful, if only they had that on the jukebox at the pub! Of course the iPads also let you cruse the GP website and its 'curated' looks, what's Hot.. and not just in-store. Certainly a trend at the moment and had me wondering if business is not moving to corporatising the bloggers role; no doubt it is. This is not a sponsored post.. But, of course what I want is to shoot a campaign for General Pants, C'mon Guys lets talk! Lets hope so!

Vivienne trying out the new Kiosk; General Pants In-Store Kiosk Launch

Yes I like my new insta pic; General Pants In-Store Kiosk Launch

insta-opinion, do you like my outfit; General Pants In-Store Kiosk Launch

Vivienne and Anders at General pants Bondi junction; General Pants In-Store Kiosk Launch
Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 

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