Saturday, August 16, 2014

Black is Back - Street Fashion and Gallium Sky..

Nice to see some black on black and even better to see some black on black against the blocked colours of David Serisier's Gallium Sky installation at Liverpool Street Gallery. No that is not David immediately below but it quite possibly is one of his students from NAS. You can see David below between the 2nd and 3rd 'oval magenta' works with the short blond hair in-conversation. Great show and on until 04 September 2014 at Liverpool Street Gallery.

Men's style, Black combat boots, jeans and tee shirt with Driza-Bone style jacket. Background art by David Serisier - Photographed by Kent Johnson for Street fashion Sydney.

David Serisier Gallium Sky exhibition - in conversation. Magenta Ovals - photographed by Kent Johnson.

Crowd, David Serisier Gallium Sky, Studio Installation, opening night. Photographed by Kent Johnson for Street Fashion Sydney.

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