Monday, September 8, 2014

Grand Days, Retro, Lime Green, Books and Records too, Kings Cross & Woolloomooloo.

Yesterday I took advantage of only our second sunny day of spring so far to walk into the Royal Botanic Gardens to photograph flowers and other spring time flora which you can see here.. And on the way back to Darlinghurst after my mornings photography excursion I found myself walking up William Street on the Kings Cross side, right past 'that little bookshop I have never been in' 'with that woman in that great lime green dress'! Yes I stopped talking to myself and daydreaming, turned around and went into the Grand Days book store for the very first time and asked the lovely Tamara (as I found out) if she would let me take her picture for Street Fashion Sydney. Well the rest as they say.. So I met Tamara, grabbed a great shot, and took a look in the store, which as it turns out is much bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside; and also sells LP records - those round flat thin black things with grooves - books of all kinds of course and collectables too.

Tamara in colourful beads and 60s 70s lime green dress - Grand Days Bookshop Kings Cross, Woolloomooloo.
Tamara arranging Gladioli flowers in the shop wearing her lime green dress - Grand Days Bookshop Kings Cross, Woolloomooloo.
Spring! Arranging the Gladioli, Dame Edna's Favourite Flowers - See album in the window above.
LP Records - those round flat thin black things with grooves - and collectable too. Check out those covers!
Lots and lots of books at Grand Days shop in Woolloomooloo, Kings Cross, Sydney.
The Coke billboard seen from William Street Kings Cross.
Turn around, go back, you have come too far!.
If like me you are trying very hard not to spend money on books, you will know what a fantasticly tempting place a shop like Grand Days is and that it is super dangerous to visit! Well to hell with the danger I'm going back, it's too good a bookshop to pass by. If you are in the Cross, drop in and say hello to Tamara and Tom you won't be sorry you did.

Grand Days
Shop 1 220 William St

Kent Johnson
0433 796 863

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