Tuesday, September 16, 2014

VFNO Sydney at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen 2014.

Vogue Fashion's Night Out, yes Street Fashion Sydney has covered a few VFNO's now. This year being a bit bogged down in a backlog of photography work I decided to take it a bit easier for 2014. I did however have a +1 to take Vivienne along to Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Danish jewellers with a Royal Warrant to the Royal Danish Court. What can I say, the jewellery is fabulous, beautiful hand made pieces. I loved them and Vivienne really loved them which had me wondering a little how financial I would be by the end of the night.. The staff were wonderful and I took the opportunity to grab a group portrait of the team - why don't more people do that?

And you know I loved Ole Lynggaard and their work, the workmanship, the Art and the Craft; because I am breaking my rules for only the second time, posting some of the Ole Lynggaard marketing pictures below, because they are also beautiful! I think it is a rare case of where the care taken with the marketing material truly reflects the qualities of the care and creativity of the product itself; rare indeed! Read an abstract of my thoughts on that here.

Scroll down for my humble pictures supplemented by www.olelynggaardcopenhagen.com/

vivialaVivs Vivienne Shui at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen for VFNO.

The Australian Team at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen with Country Manager Kamilla Van Der Velde front center, VFNO 2014.
The Australian Team at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, VFNO 2014.

Helena Christensen Photographed by Marc Hom for Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen
Helena Christensen Photographed by Marc Hom for Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.
The photographer and author, hopefully not as close as I will come to photographing Helena Christensen.. At Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Sydney Flagship Store - VFNO 2014.

vivialaVivs Vivienne Shui with the Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen goodie bag for VFNO. Kent Johnson, Street Fashion Sydney.


Little known facts,
I once had two Danish exchange Students studying at UNSW sharing house with me.
I grew up in Brisbane with Danish next door neighbours!

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