Thursday, October 2, 2014

Gentlemen of Rock Style - Baby On Board - Film Club Darlinghurst.

OK I won't lie this shot is a set up. But it is only a set up of what I saw less than a minuet earlier after leaving Black Eye Gallery, and strolling back towards Kings Cross. I don't really (much) fancy myself as a Cartier-Bresson! Anyway I walked past, then I walked back, and into Film Club Darlinghurst, introduced myself and said hello to Alex and asked if he would mind recreating where he was as I saw him when I walked past. All good and here's the shot, classic Rock look, now more than ever I think and in particular with the Baby Bjorn(ish). Thank you so much; just remember people really are nice!

Alex, Rock Style, Black Tee, Baby Bjorn, Film Club, Darlinghurst, kings Cross, Men's Style, Cuban Heel Boots, Street Fashion Sydney by Kent Johnson.

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