Monday, February 9, 2015

Art Sniffers - The New Trend?

I can't say exactly why but while I was out at this exhibition opening at the 'new' Chalk Horse Gallery, William Street Darlinghurst, for some reason I was suddenly possessed by the urge to start a whole new blog called Art Sniffers! Was it the ear-wax aroma of the fresh white paint that had set me off? Was it the artworks themselves? Well I do like this show.. Was it the windowless underground, basement location? I am not really sure but; if you look closely at the pictures it almost looks like the art patrons bending forward for a closer look.. well they could almost be sniffing the art! And if you have ever painted in big smears of oil paint; you will know that art sniffing is pretty heady stuff.

Street Fashion, red and black outfit, Chalk Horse Gallery
An artist but not the artist from this show..
Circuit ELLIOTT BRYCE FOULKES Chalk Horse Gallery
Checking out 'Circuit'.
New Representation ANDRE HEMER Chalk Horse Gallery
Checking out 'New Representation' 
Hippies or hipsters? Chalk Horse Gallery

Orange hair orange dress, nike runners, Chalk Horse Gallery

Red shoes, Chalk Horse Gallery

Art sniffers? Chalk Horse Gallery.

the legs of the art crowd, art sniffers? Chalk Horse Gallery.

5th February - 7th March 2015

New Representation


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Anonymous said...

'Art Sniffers'! What a great name of a blog!! Do you mind if I steal it Mr. Johnson?? ;-)