Saturday, April 29, 2017

SFS - Prague Edition - Photography Student Style, Belvedere Summer Palace.

Vivienne & I had just made it through the palace security check and I immediately saw two things,  the beautiful colonnade of the Renaissance Belvedere Summer Palace & a young woman in the garden near the fountain with a 5x4 view camera photographing it. Now that's real photography! Though I didn't quite manage to grab a shot of her using the 5x4 Chloe was kind enough to let me grab a shot of her as she was rushing back to college with her assignment. Assignment, wow, photographing a summer place instead of the now demolished Queensland Collage of Art building, the old concrete bunker.. now would have been something. So here's Chloe & dare I say it, exhibiting exquisite photography student style, and it seems like only yesterday I was a photography student too.

Chloe with her 5x4 camera and tripod for Street Fashion Sydney, Prague Edition, Photographed by Kent Johnson.
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