Tuesday, April 25, 2017

SFS - Prague Edition - Menswear, Blue Suit, Modrý Komplet.

Well that is probably a terrible Google translation for men's blue suit. But it's my very first direct approach shot, "Ahoy, can I take your photo for Street Fashion Sydney" (I point at camera). Understanding and confusion and a yes "Ano." Three frames and we are done. Love that blues suit but of course it was the orange sunglasses and the retro shoulder bag that really caught my eye. Genuine Czech men's style coming right at you from Malá Strana or Little Quarter which seems a great spot for fashion spotting.. Fingers crossed for more great Prague style. I wonder if that was his bike parked around the corner too.
pánské oděvy, muži, komplet, Malá Strana, Praha, ulice móda, Menswear, Suits, Blue, Street Fashion, Prague, Sunglassses, European Style, photographed by Kent Johnson.
An Orange Bicycle in Prague at Malá Strana. Photo by Kent Johnson.

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