Sunday, May 7, 2017

SFS - Prague Edition - Ukraine Style.

Well I don't think this lovely and friendly young woman from the Ukraine is speaking for all her country so you will just have to put the title down to editorial licence on my part. We did however have enough of a chat at the Gerhard Richter retrospective(ish) Kinsky Palace - National Gallery, to learn her nationality and that she loves Richter. So the stripes are by Richter and the Mirrored Stripes are in a mirror artwork which as you can see works just like a regular mirror but has its own description tag and title.. which is something most mirrors certainly don't have outside the sales catalogue; though I'm not really wanting to digress into an art review I somehow seem to have done just that - Richter show review(type thing) soon on SFS  (as I get my 100 gig of files in order). Love the outfit and the bronze high-cut sneakers; when in Prague, be ready to do plenty of walking over uneven cobbled streets - high heels are only for the brave, the strong and very the very experienced! PS, if in Prague, see the show!
A young woman from Ukraine at the Prague National Gallery wearing bronze colour high top sneakers, black skirt, taupe leather jacket with dark tan backpack. Photographed by Kent Johnson in Prague for Street Fashion Sydney.
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