Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fishnets, a Glen Plaid Jacket & Off White Belt

Warming up the end of winter with a Glen Plaid double breasted jacket & Off White belt along with fishnet stockings and knee high boots. Sometimes someones sense of fashion is so arresting you can't but help stopping them in their tracks to ask for a picture. Personally I can never make up my mind; is Virgil Abloh's Off White label destroying fashion or setting the ground work for a bright new future? Apparently that belt was a brand new acquisition and I for one love the contrast it makes to this outfit! Spotted on the way to Holey Moley, Darlinghurst, Sydney.
Young Asian woman wearing fishnet stockings, a Glen Plaid Jacket & Off White Belt. Street Fashion Sydney photographed by Kent Johnson.
Telling Stories in Pictures all over..
Kent Johnson, Sydney, Australia.
0433 796 863
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