Tuesday, December 3, 2019

SIGMA FP Launch & Blade Runner Style - OPT Circular Quay

On monday night I attended the Sigma FP camera launch at a beautiful-view-bar down at Circular Quay. From our third floor position, well it's a tough situation any time, will the view overpower your presentation? So hats off (well so windy earlier I didn't even wear one) to CR Kennedy and Digi Direct for a great Sigma event. Someone had been doing some thinking; we had a burlesque performer of great beauty and.. later in the evening she transformed into a snake charmer too. Or perhaps that's a charmer with a snake, too.. What with all the smoke from the bush fires and such a great city location, I felt transported to some sort of steam punk Blade Runner vision. Very enjoyable, I hope this picture translates the scene for you. And the very cinema oriented modular Sigma FP camera? Looks bloody marvelous. Head down to Digi Direct to check it out - there's a card and battery bonus on now.

A Burlesque performer and snake charmer, Sigma FP camera launch, photographed by Kent Johnson for Street Fashion Sydney
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