Monday, November 5, 2012

Chris Round 'Evidence' at ARTHERE Exhibition Space.

I had attended the opening of Sandy Edwards new ARTHERE Exhibition Space in early September - its great to have a new dedicated photography space headed up by such an experienced curator; and I was keen to give the galley some exposure here on Street Fashion Sydney but was yet to make it happen. Then I saw the flyer for 'Evidence' and being a fan of Urban Landscape photography I thought this show would be a good opportunity to give ARTHERE and Photography a bit of a plug at the same time and hopefully grab some Street Fashion shots as well.

 Having seen the picture on the invite I was looking forward to seeing this show in the flesh, what the prints would be like and what sort of scale they had been made at. Make no mistake, seeing work on-line is fine but it is not anything like seeing full scale prints, and the skill involved in getting the pictures out of the camera and onto a wall is very very different to posting some shots up on the web and the prints in this show are beautiful.

Chris Round's photography exhibition of depopulated landscapes urban, rural and industrial have both a clarity and a quietness to them that one would not expect considering the nature of the subjects. A sculptural children's park with slides and wind blown pennants but no children's voices. Red and white speed boats moored in a green pasture, not a drop of water in sight. Alfresco dining, tables and chairs on a breakwater but no diners; and what I am starting to see now, Chris's colour palette, the red the green and the soft blue grey of another overcast sky.  One of my friends quipped that Chris had imported "English" lighting for the shot of the slides;  I asked him if he had ever tried to photograph stainless steel outside in the middle of the day! It was actually quite a surprise for me to see that these shots had been made all around the world and Chris had brought his own visual sensibility to the composition and the light for each and every landscape no-matter-where-in-the-world his camera took him.

 'Evidence' at ARTHERE Project Space until the 22nd of november 2012, links below.

Artist Portrait, photographer Chris Round his show 'Evidence' at ARTHERE gallery Redfern.

Speeches, Sandy Edwards addressing the patrons at the opening of 'Evidence'.

Pink hair, headphones and 'The Muppets' Tee shirt, Street Fashion Sydney.

DEUS jacket black Tee and Hoodie, clear glasses frames - Adrian in conversation, Chris Round exhibition, ARTHERE.

Didi working a Black white and grey patterned outfit, pants dress and jacket with brown Akubra Fedora, Trader Joe's tote bag.

Street Fashion Sydney, Colour co-ordinated couple, Man & Woman cycling Redfern in Leather shoes, Black pants , Tee for him, spotted blouse for her.

Black and White and Gold outfit, White Tee under black vest and jacket with Sass & Bide 'tribal' necklace; full leg pant in metallic gold fabric.

Vintage road bikes Redfern, Men's and Woman's.

ARTHERE flyer for Chris Round's 'EVIDENCE' show.

Portraits and Street Fashion shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1.

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