Thursday, November 15, 2012

Neil Frazer at Martin Browne & Lindy Lee at Roslyn Oxley9

I do like that Martin Browne Contemporary and Roslyn Oxley9 galleries have taken to holding their art openings on the same evening; seeing as how they are just 100 meters apart down near Trumper Park Oval in Paddington it makes it very very easy to catch two great shows on the one night with surprisingly little effort. And although this is the first time I have posted about Martin Browne I have caught the last three shows thanks to this conjunction of opening nights. Last night it was the turn of Neil Frazer and his show 'Breaker', Coastal Landscapes/Seascapes of quite incredible intensity and a kind of hyper realism. It was a huge show filling all three gallery rooms at Martin Browne, 38 works in all and, the sales dots seemed to be popping up all over the place which I always think is a good thing.

Lindy Lee's show 'One Billion Worlds' although close by was worlds away conceptually - well at least I think it was; abstractions cut from stainless steel sheet, very abstract although very regulated too by the size and shape of the sheet material the works were made from. Mind you; I did think that the heavy paint work on the cliffs of Neil's works (if you cropped in tight and looked at just that part) was very much like a 1950's kind of abstract work, so perhaps the two shows are not so conceptually far apart at all.. its all in how you look at it. Both lovely shows, do drop in and take a look; & I have two new Artists at their opening portraits for my collection.

Neil Frazer - BreakerArtist Portrait, Neil Frazer at Martin Browne Contemporary - Breaker exhibition 2012

Martin Browne Contemporary - Neil Frazer Breaker exhibition 2012

Crowd viewing at Martin Browne Contemporary - Neil Frazer Breaker exhibition 2012


Lindy Lee - One billion WorldsArtits Portrait, Lindy Lee, One Billion Worlds - Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery 2012

Title,  Lindy Lee, One Billion Worlds - Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery 2012

Del Kathryn Barton also had some drawings and a sculpture of a somewhat erotic nature in the second gallery space at Roslyn Oxley9 - perhaps not for the faint hearted..

I also took in the 17th Annual 6x6x6 Inch Miniature Sculpture Show at Defiance Gallery; 120 tiny beautiful sculptures from 80 artists, quite a crush so no pictures I'm sorry; but well worth a look if you are in the Newtown/Enmore area.

All pictures shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1.

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