Monday, November 26, 2012

Cross Training - Chloe Moo - Tiger, Lorna, Nike - Off Duty Model!

Well I am just going to Fess-Up right NOW and say I think the whole 'Off Duty' Model/Whomever thingie is a complete crock; obviously invented by some desk jockey who hates their job. For those of us in the creative Industries; well, we are never really Off-Duty - and quite happy to be just so. I think you see my point...

This is Chloe Moo; a beautiful young model from Viviens. First my assistant photographed her at (my job as a real photographer head office) the Balmain Studio. Then my colleague, who carries the Studio's weight photographed Chloe. And as chance would have it, when I was swinging by to pick up backgrounds and stands for my formal fashion photography work; Chloe was at the studio picking up some prints from her shoot with Gilbert. I mean what's a photographer to do? The light was right, the X-Pro1 was on my shoulder as it should be; Chloe's 'off duty' "but I'm in my gym clothes" look was suburb!  Fuchsia Lorna Jane sports vest, black Nike Leggings and Onitsuka Tiger 'Bubble Gum' runners; no it's not a sponsored post but if I work it hard enough... well you never know! So here is the shot. Yes another rare single picture, another Street Fashion Style shot. I think I am getting a little looser with the Fuji - back (in a small way) to the "best of the blurry" but with a look and feel like the shots never had before!

Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1
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