Sunday, April 28, 2013

Shoes - Woollahra Art Space..

I must say I was not feeling quite my usual perky self the other night when I attended this lovely art opening in  Woollahra. So perhaps I spent a bit more time looking down at the floor than usual - I mean I always look down at the floor to see what people are wearing on their feet; but on this particular evening footwear was all I could bring myself to photograph. Not to worry, I think we have a fairly interesting collection of shoes and what-not here and, some insight into seasonal, or is that trans-seasonal at this time of year; toe nail colour schemes. And it looks like the orange has it though I do like that white nail polish too! Here are the shots, I hope you enjoy Street Fashion Sydney's first ever no-faces picture post.

Black patent open toe woman's shoe, white toe nail polish.

Purple Sneakers no socks.

Pointy Zebra stripe slip ons - black suede slip on.

Brown leather biker boots, in woman's style.

Mans brown brogue,  strappy sandal, orange nail polish, woman's black brogue with chunky heel.

Strappy high heels with orange toe nails, animal stripe court shoe.

Heavy cotton tradesman work pants with zipper pockets - brown leather work boot.

Black pumps with beading, men's brown shoe, tweed pant.

Orange woman's moccasin, man's casual/sport lace in blue with white detail and laces.

Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1.
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