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Apple & Eve - On-line Fashion Retail in Adelaide.

I met Kyla recently at the ROC Eye Wear Launch in Sydney; basically I was mesmerised by her Cheetah pattern jump suit and striped wedges. As it turned out Kyla is from Adelaide and has a new on-line fashion store called Apple and Eve. Happily I found out that Kyla packed a few items from the A&E store and we decided to do a little photo shoot and interview to celebrate the A&E store.

Street Fashion Sydney : How is it that I came to meet you at the very cool ROC Eye Wear Launch in Sydney?

Kyla: Dani from ROC Eyeware invited me along as I am a stockist of their amazing eyeware label. So, what better excuse to organise a trip to Sydney! I wore my much-loved Finders Keepers cheetah print jumpsuit which caught the attention of many. You loved my outfit, and wanted to know more..

 SFS: Indeed I did want to know more, so you are selling ROC through Apple and Eve (A&E), very cool. Can you tell me a little about the outfit you were wearing at the launch party, it was really fabulous and everyone seemed to be noticing it.

Kyla, Cheetah pattern jump suit at ROC Launch Sydney - Finders Keepers Label,

K: It is a BRAND NEW piece I have in store from Finders Keepers Spring/Summer 2012 range, RRP at $109. It is sexy, yet fun, and I thought it would be the perfect outfit for the funky surroundings of the ROC Eyeware season launch at The Grounds in Alexandria.

SFS: So this is one of the labels you are selling on A&E, can you give me some background on Finders Keepers?

K: YES, it sure is. Finders Keepers is an Adelaide label, so it is very close to my heart. FK’s style fits into the current market somewhere between casual and formal, providing affordable and versatile, on trend edgy designer pieces. You can find out more by visiting

SFS: So Finders Keepers is a South Australian label, what about the other labels, do you have any other local labels you are excited about?

Kyla modelling, Cheetah pattern jump suit - Finders Keepers Label, from Apple and Eve. Studio Fashion Photography Kyla modelling, Cheetah pattern jump suit Shot 2 - Finders Keepers Label, from Apple and Eve. Studio Fashion Photography
K: All the upcoming Adelaide labels are the ones that excite me the most, as they are the closest to home. However, my favourite, of course, is my own..alyk. I came up with the name ALYK as it is my name spelt backwards. Created and launched in November 2009, Alyk is aimed at the savvy individual who isn’t afraid to get a little ‘sexy’. Our motto: “back is the new front”, creating pieces that feature amazing open backs, whilst keeping the front of the garments stylish and elegant
Kyla models 'Finders Keepers' pleated pink shorts - Lace top from Apple and Eve Side View Kyla models 'Finders Keepers' pleated pink shorts - Lace top from Apple and Eve. Back View
SFS: “Back is the new front” I love that! On-line retail is really taking off, I don't think a few years ago anyone really saw just how big it was going to go and its still just beginning! From our conversation during the shoot you were talking about the personal nature of A&E; can you tell Street Fashion Sydney's readers a little more about your retail philosophy?
K: I think the way to set yourself apart from the rest in the on-line boutique fashion industry, is by providing your customers with an exceptional level of customer service. For example, ease of use throughout the entire website, same-day delivery and personalising each order with a handwritten letter to the customer really shows we care :-)
Kyla, Fashion Portrait wearing Finders Keepers from Apple and Eve

SFS: Yes I think it is really important to keep things personal, have that special relationship with customers just as we are used to in 'bricks and mortar' boutiques.
K: Providing this level of customer service really makes the customer feel as though they are walking into our physical shop and flicking through the racks of coat hangers to find that special piece. Then to the counter and to have a good old chat to the sales clerk, and then straight out the door like a breeze. All whilst never actually leaving your house.
SFS: I am looking forward to seeing the other labels that A&E stocks & hopefully seeing you back in Sydney with some more great South Australian fashion in you travel bag.
K: Don’t worry, I will definitely be back! Sydney is a beautiful place, it provides me with so much inspiration. I always come back to Adelaide with new ideas and more labels to show off on the website! It was a pleasure to spend the day shooting with you, I will tee up some more garments for my next visit :-)

SFS: Thanks so much for your time, it was great fun getting together in the studio and shooting these pieces from Finders Keepers with you. 

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