Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Luxury of Art - And Handbags Too..

I had a pretty full and wonderful day yesterday, starting out early in my in grey Fedora and navy blue blazer I headed off into the city for my first ever luxury handbag sale; a quick wander through Sydney's main retail district - the Pitt Street Mall - just to see how Fashion retailers were trading... Took in the current Louis Vuitton windows at the LV Maison store on George St - then managed a couple of group art shows in the Kings Cross Darlinghurst area.

I loved seeing the windows at Louis Vuitton and my grey Fedora really goes off to them for having the style and courage to show the beautiful commissioned art by Yayoi Kusama without putting any 'product' in the window whatsoever - just Art, fantastic. Non-Objective art at that too! Well at least the windows with the large scale organic spots installation pieces though I loved the stylised flowers with eyeballs just as much, well nearly as much. And that was a nice break from from the intensity of the Reebonz luxury handbag sale I had just come from at the Hilton hotel. I have never been to one of these sales before and it was certainly an eye opener - but more on that later in the week in a separate post.

So after wandering around the city and seeing but not photographing a few nice Street Styles... Well I did ask one person but they said No. I headed over to Potts Point for the James Dorahy Project Space (JDPS) for the Six Years Of Projects 2006-2012 (Part 2).  The JDPS has to be one of my favourite intimate art spaces in Sydney, and not just for the feeling of the space and the quality of the art James shows there, I love looking out the curved corner window of the Art Deco building the gallery is housed in and watching the locals wandering along Macleay Street in their Potts Point finery; its like a different world over there.

The JDPS was not the only group show on that afternoon; my friend and Six to Eight art blogger Fleur Macdonald, who has two pieces up at the Potts Point show alerted me the opening of the group show at King Street Gallery on William - with oysters natural, just a few blocks away; so off I shot, mostly expecting the oysters to be long gone.  A change of space and a change of scale-of-art awaited me along with a continuing flow of oysters natural - I could taste the sea and indulge in the aroma of still fresh oil paint while taking in a selection of (fairly) large scale art works. Two excellent shows well worth taking the time to visit, snaps of Joanna Logue's landscape diptych and John Edwards, self portrait below (I think I would paint like John if I had stuck at it); and my 'artists opening' portrait of Richard Briggs from the 'Six Years' show, who's pen on paper drawings completely charmed me. If only every Saturday in Sydney could be just like this.

Yayoi Kusama - Louis Vuitton non-objective art installation and window display Sydney. Red Spots

Yayoi Kusama - Louis Vuitton non-objective art installation and window display Sydney. Red Spots, Eyes and Flowers.

Yayoi Kusama - Louis Vuitton non-objective art installation and window display Sydney. Detail with artists credit in window.

Street Style Portrait, Leopard Print Blouse - Reebonz luxury handbag sale, Hilton Hotel Sydney

Reebonz luxury handbag sale, Hilton Hotel Sydney

Joanna Logue artwork, King Street Gallery

John Edwards artwork, King Street Gallery

Artist portrait, Richard Briggs - James Dorahy Project Space

Of course art (or a nice handbag) is not really a luxury, and like most things in life, there is something for everyone, something nice, and certainly at a price you can probably afford.

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