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SNO 85 - Factory 49 - Abstract Art Baby!

The 85 after SNO stands for the number of shows; SNO being good minimalists don't have names they have numbers for the shows instead. I quite like that as it makes it easy to keep track of how long it is is since the last show I attended, photographed at, and how many I have missed! Not many lately. And although Factory 49 also shows work in a similar style and some of the same artists; the 49 is the street number of the gallery space and always stays the same - though this could become confusing if they decide to move and keep the same name - mind you King Street Gallery seem to have been able to work around that little problem quite well for more than a few years..

First up is the SNO show; I had been wanting to make a portrait of Suzie Idiens for a while now and this time I managed to get one of Suzie in front of her artwork 'Blue Slot 2012', (MDF, polyurethane, 60 x 54 x 6.5).  I was thinking that having made Suzie's portrait I had photographed the only exhibiting artist in attendance at SNO 85; not so. I had been talking with sound artist Gary Bradbury; who incidentally had performed live at my own show at SNO two years earlier - I knew he had the sound piece running in the front gallery space but it just didn't click, no pun intended that I should photograph him too. So this is what happens when you get a little too fixed in your ways; you think visual-art artist-portrait a little too often and you forget that the sound artist who is making art you cannot see is standing right there talking to you and can also be documented at the shows opening. My apologies to you Gary, this will not happen again; and by way of trying to make up for my omission I did make an 'autograph portrait' of the freehand ballpoint pen description of 'Mouth Tracks' which I very much suspect was jotted onto the wall by Gary himself;  pictured below, I quite like it.

Dutch artist  Henriëtte van 't Hoog 's coloured , light-reflecting back-to-the-wall 'Cubes' were/are absolutely fascinating and had me thinking of some great ideas for my fashion photography. Well yes I do draw some of my inspiration from looking at art, of course! And then there was a mild pang of jealousy but far more admiration for Karen Schifano's - 'I'll take you there', I do love a good road line. I wish I had thought of adding my own to the ones that are already there. What a great way to draw, the possibilities truly are endless.

SNO 85

Artists Portrait, Suzie Idiens - Precursor - SNO 85

Suzie Idiens - Green Red - SNO 85

Henriëtte van 't Hoog - Cubes Orange and Gold

Henriëtte van 't Hoog - Cubes - Silver, Pink

Henriëtte van 't Hoog - Cubes installation at SNO 85

Karen Schifano - I'll take you there - foil tape and photographs (road line markings) - SNO 85

Karen Schifano - I'll take you there - foil tape - SNO 85

Garry Bradbury - Mouth Tracks (2004) - Sound Work - SNO 85

Factory 49 Annual Group Show 2012

And so onto the Fab group show at Factory 49 which included the installation piece 'barely breathing, 2012' by Caroline Phillips whom I also managed to photograph for my collection of Artists at their openings. Thank you Caroline; love your installation piece and I love the pink and mauve. As group shows go, there are far too many artists to single any out - you just must go and see for yourself. Both galleries being quite close to one another in Marrickville should make it an easy trip to see both SNO and Factory 49 in the one afternoon..

Artist portrait - Caroline Phillips - barely breathing - Factory 49 2012

Caroline Phillips - barely breathing art installation - Factory 49

Street Fashion Sydney - Houndstooth check winter coat with button details, Factory 49

Artworks on display, Factory 49, Annual Group Show 2012

Opening night crowd, Factory 49, Annual group show 2012

Group Portrait, Factory 49 - the artists who hung the show. Mel, Pam & Marlene.

Thanks to everyone at SNO & Factory 49 for another two beautiful art shows.
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