Monday, October 1, 2012

Lives of the Artists - Career Points - Ruark Lewis & Lexi Land

It's only been in thinking about how I was to write a post or posts about these two artists, Ruark & Lexi; that I realised I can curate, in a real, not the hipster sense a relationship between an artist having their mid career Survey exhibition, which is something quite momentous in the life of an artist - and I could this week at least share & show another artist experiencing that other landmark art moment, the first, the tricky second solo show. And while it might be very nice for these two artists to meet in person and I think that can probably be arranged; I also think its very nice to have these two shows together here; both artists I have know for more than a few years and although they produce very different work; I think in her own way Lexi is as much a gifted student and practitioner of the avant garde as Ruark is master of the same; and both have words, words/poems as a significant part of their oeuvre. The Ruark Lewis Survey show requires a pleasant train ride and very short walk, or (perhaps less pleasant drive) to the Hazelhurst Gallery in Gymea. Lexi Land's 'Pieces of Me' is on show at Leonard Mattis Studio in Surry Hills - go see, enjoy the art, and maybe help Lexi on her way with a carefully timed art purchase.

Artist portrait, Khadim Ali and Ruark Lewis at Hazelhurst Gallery for the Ruark Lewis 'Survey' opening 2012

Ruark Lewis giving a speech at Hazelhurst Gallery for the Ruark Lewis 'Survey' opening 2012

Artist portrait, Ruark Lewis with installation at Hazelhurst Gallery for the Ruark Lewis 'Survey' opening 2012

Ruark Lewis 'Survey' show 2012 - Hazelhurst Gallery - gallery view.

Lexi Land ' Pieces of Me' opening night. 

Not just the art, Lexi's and her art loving friends turned on their own fashion tour de force.
Lexi Land, Artist portrait at her 'Pieces of Me' art opening 2012, Leonard Mattis Studio

Mirror view, Lexi Land 'Pieces of Me' art opening 2012, Leonard Mattis Studio

Mens Style, Black Bomber Jacket,  White shirt and black bow tie. Art opening.

 Lexi Land & Friends,  'Pieces of Me' art opening 2012, Leonard Mattis Studio

Pink tights with geometric pattern, blue linen skirt and black leather jacket, brown ankle boots

Men's groover style; leopard print cap, pinstripe jacket and funky 'tribal' print shirt.

Black biker jacket pink sun dress and post pack bag, colour sparkle shoulder bag.

Mod Style - Multi coloured Swallow print men's shirt, black jeans and kaki parka

Two groovers grooving - Pink tights, cowboy boots, blue skinny jeans, boat neck sailor tee and crochet sleeveless cardi.

Men's style, combat boots, black jeans & belt, coarse weave grey shirt and waxed cotton outdoors jacket.

Ruark Lewis
Hazelhurst Gallery

Lexi Land

All images made with the Fujifilm X-Pro1.

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