Friday, October 12, 2012

Winters Last Gasp - Spring Coats and Jackets

Well what with all that Snow today in the Blue Mountains yes the cold frozen white stuff not the arty abstract sNO, it was hardly surprising to see the warm jackets and coats hauled out tonight, for a last time; well we hope so! Cold and windy though it was, I cycled over to Mils Gallery at Central to check out Paul Hay's installation of sculptures made from found and modified objects and stuff... and some well placed touches of red paint.  It's a cool show worth checking out while you can. And while I was there I spotted some art student style - the boots - and a lovely spotted 'Blue and Green' Spring dress, lightly layered for the change in the weather. So glad I dropped by as I get to add to my collection of RM Williams Boots in the Art-School-Style which is of course, as a former art student myself, one of my very Fav of Favs! You know you can't buy them like that. You have to wear them in. It all takes time but then that's one thing you learn at Art School, the business of  'process', something a friend in the fashion business was  telling me only the other day that is something they get in Melbourne but not in Sydney! And there are ramifications for that too! But I will save that for a warmer drowsier day.

Go see the show, enjoy Paul's Art.

Red winter coat, worn RM Williams Boots, Black leggings grey marl long sleeve tee, art student style.

Blue Dress with Green Spots, matching mustard/green tights and jacket..

Cord fluffy fawn Levis Jacket broewn skirt and black 'Roo' boots, Art Student Style

Boots, Mils Gallery Sydney

Installation Pieces, Mils Gallery

Shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1

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Anonymous said...

Bonsoir Kent,bon maintenant sérieusement je ne rigole plus! il faut que je comprenne :-) non pas pourquoi j'aime ce que vous faites, ça je sais pourquoi, mais comment naît cette attraction peut-être parce qu'il n'y a pas d'images dans vos portraits, (c'est personnel, je déteste le mot:image):-) ces portraits sont des êtres dans vos photographies... je pose mais je suis...vous saisissez leurs émotions sans les jeter en pâture. Ils et elles sont splendides; merci