Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Newtown Style - Pink iPhone - American College Blend

Seeing as its going to be a lovely warm day in Sydney today I had better fess up and admit I took this shot a few weeks ago, worked it up and.. having lots of other material to work on - forgot to post it! Never mind, better late than never. This is fabulous American college style meets South Newton Post-Punk. I spotted this lovely young woman taking a shot of a full and beautiful rainbow with her PINK iPhone; while I was cycling between art shows on a Saturday afternoon. I jumped off the bike, said hello, pulled out the
XPro-1, snapped a few quick frames, and never though to take the rainbow too! Next time, I promise. Love the hair, love the layering and love the black Docs with fluro green laces; its all so on trend colour wise, Fantastic! If only I came across such great Street Style in Sydney every day and in such a perfect location.

South Newtown Street Style Fashion, Pink iPhone, College Varsity Jacket, NFL Football Jersey, Black Doc Martin Boots, Cropped Hair with Pink Dreadlocks,

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