Friday, February 8, 2013

Mark Drew - Converse Needs You - Dem Nutz!!

I spent yet another very pleasant Friday evening up at China Heights Gallery, this time it was the turn of gallery founder Mark Drew to show his new work - 'DEEZ NUTZ' a fusion of 'Peanuts' comic strips and Old Skool Rap lyrics, both of which have been influential in shaping the Mark Drew of today.. Or at least that's kind of how I took the show and I took the idea to heart for my portrait of Mark below where, taking the cue from Charlie Brown's or is it Marks thought bubble I have swapped/fussed Charlie and Mark's heads; now I'll never be part of the crew!!! Perhaps that's part of the story too..

And of course lots of cool people in cool gear, a cross section of Sydney Style, as always, and damn it I did miss getting a shot of a fabulous flowing-print-pants-suit teamed with a cut-away sandal/shoe styled after a golf shoe that I was going to team with Kayla's 'golf' boot/shoe below. Which kind of brings me to the last shot in this fashion post; the hideous Converse Campaign that was jumping out at me yesterday at every turn. What advertising Numm Nut says sneakers when they can say Converse instead! (yeah I get that they are making cool by not naming the brand, so what!) Mark; the sneaker game needs you; maybe this time we can go along for the ride together!

Portrait of Mark Drew at the opening of DEEZ NUTZ at China Heights gallery 2013.

Kayla in Peplum waisted tropical print top with pleated bodice, black skirt and lace boots. Surry Hills, Sydney Australia
Golf shoe boot!

Spotted navy neck tie with light check shirt.

Retro hair and khaki tee and silver jaguar necklace - DEEZ NUTZ by Mark Drew artwork in background
Hand painted 'Jungle Boots' sneakers.. China Heights Gallery.

Crappy converse sneakers campaign..
Anyway, shoes are not boring and and only losers wear socks pulled up like that in Australia - great job on the local research Converse! Or as we say here, "good work; Dick Head." Excuse my French! Money for billboards but not locally produced product. Typical...


Street Fashion Sydney - shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro1.

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