Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ben Quilty: After Afghanistan art opening NAS 2013

What can one say about this show other than even in a very crowded room, Ben Quilty's portraits of  the Men and Women serving in Afghanistan are truly moving. If you are not familiar with Ben's work you may be quite surprised to see and to experience how his bold and economical brush strokes reveal so much of his subjects; of course Street Fashion Sydney is not an art review; just a prompt to help get you over to the National Art School to see the show, an artist at the top of his form and our Nation at war, we still are..

Portrait of artist Ben Quilty at the opening of 'after Afghanistan' NAS 2013
Ben Quilty

Title wall, 'After Afghanistan' NAS Gallery 2013

Gallery crowd, main hall, 'After Afghanistan' NAS Gallery 2013

Timeline installation, 'After Afghanistan' NAS Gallery 2013

Photographing an eye, Ben Quilty painting, NAS 'After Afghanistan'.

Large portraits of Australian servicemen, 'After Afghanistan' NAS Gallery 2013

Timeline 2012,  'After Afghanistan' NAS Gallery 2013

And absolutely everyone who was anyone and quite a few beside was in attendance at the opening, I decided against photographing the politicians and actors and just stick to what Street Fashion Sydney does best, people wearing clothes! Here they are, there were as you can imagine; what with such a huge crowd a LOT of fabulous outfits, I kept it down to those that gravitated over my way - art lovers, art students, and even quite unintentionally Ben's uncles who informed me about Ben's suit, which I loved by the way...

Here's the  real Street Fashion as seen through my eyes..
Street Fashion Menswear, NAS opening, Horses tee shirt, rhinestone jacket black jeans and brogues.

Candid fashion shot, floral skirt, cammie top , NAS opening,

Navy dress, gold geometric necklace, NAS opening - Darlinghurst Sydney

Two bags, magenta floral print dress, purple shoes, Darlinghurst Sydney, NAS art opening.

White singlet, denim shorts purple boob tube - 80s style. NAS art opening, Street Fashion Darlinghurst Sydney.

Shoes boots and sandals on the pavement; National Art School Sydney.

Double portrait, friends, blue slacks white blouse; black pants worn under cotton floral print dress.

Ben Quilty's uncles at the 'After Afghanistan' art opening NAS 2013.


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bonjour Kent, le regard que vous portez sur le monde est beau, vos photographies ont des sentiments humains