Friday, July 11, 2014

Australian Men's Style - The 'Patchwork' Flannelette Shirt.

International readers of Street Fashion Sydney may not be aware that there is a traditional national dress for Australian men; this typically consists of a Flannelette shirt, blue 'wife beater' singlet, a pair of shorts (it's hot down under) and a pair of thongs aka flip flops or Havaianas - expensive thongs; and of course thongs are footwear not underwear, which for men can be optional. I still recall my friend David Gofton opining that every Australian suburb or region ought to have its own distinctive Flannel pattern not unlike the Scott's and their Tartans for different clans. I'm still inclined to think this is a pretty good idea and a bit classier than people running amuck in 'local' Rugby League footie jerseys..

Last night at Sarah Cottier Gallery I spied this young man sporting what I took to be an arty interpretation on the Flannelette shirt redone in a quilted check pattern; Check, one two! Nicely teamed with deep blue black pants with some blue plimsolls. Love it, great personal style and as Aussie as it comes.

The 'Patchwork' Flannelette shirt white tee, deep blue black pants with some blue plimsolls. Street Fashion Sydney by Kent Johnson.

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